Frequently Asked Questions

What Occurs During A Home WiFi Tune Up?


Your WiFi Wizard Technician will  collect every detail  surrounding your Wi-Fi network.  They will troubleshoot and improve your network's coverage, capacity, performance, recommend Access Points or Router modifications and configurations, signal level, interference, noise, etc.

During The Home WiFi Tune Up we will:

  • Collect live Wi-Fi data from all surrounding networks.
  • Check your channel info, transmit rate, vendor, security type and band width usage. 
  • Recommend channel changes to improve your Wi-Fi system. 
  • Map your Wi-Fi system and show you graphically where the weak points are, where the interference exists and suggest ways to improve the  coverage. 

Does It Matter Who My Internet Provider Is?


It does not matter who your internet provider is.  WiFi Wizards can conduct a home tune working with any internet provider including Time Warner, AT&T, Spectrum, Windstream, and many more.  

We evaluate your WiFi set up to ensure you are getting the most out of your WiFi system. 

By evaluating your Home WiFi we can optimize the equipment you already have, suggest areas that could be improved and provide a visual heat map of your WiFi Service that you keep for future use.  

During your Home WiFi tune up we will:

  • Check your upload and download speeds and let you know if your getting what your paying for from your internet provider. 
  • Survey your home to locate weak signal areas, black out areas, and sources of interference.  
  • Make recommendations for improvements for your WiFI.  

What Is A Heat Map? And Do I Get A Copy?


Your WiFi Wizard will start your home tune up by creating a heat map.  A heat map is a visual detailed evaluation of your home Wi-Fi that is color coded.  Your WiFi Wizard will show you your home's heat map and show you the problem areas as part of the home tune up.  

We even export the heat map to you as a pdf file so you can save it for future reference and use.  

Your WiFi Wizard will generate up to 15 different heat maps that help troubleshoot and manage any WiFi Set up.   Surveys include:

  • Signal-to-noise ratio
  • Signal level
  • Quantity of access points
  • Noise level
  • Signal-to-interference ratio
  • Frequency band coverage
  • PHY mode coverage
  • Throughput testing with Iperf 3 or custom speed test servers
  • Upload and download speed
  • Wireless transmit rate
  • Iperf upload, download and jitter

Do I Have To Order Anything Additional After My Home WiFi Tune Up?


Absolutely not.  You are not required to order any additional items following your Home WiFi Tune up.  

Your WiFi Wizard will conduct your home WiFi tune up and will go over your WiFi service.  They will discuss with you issues you are having with your WiFi as well as the type of use you expect out of your WiFi service.  For example:

  • Do you need 4K TV or other media streaming?
  • Are there multiple family members that access the WiFi at the same time?
  • Are you using your WiFi for gaming and need faster gaming speeds?

Depending on your use and needs, your WiFi system may simply need to be tuned up.  However if there are black out areas, issues with speed or other problems that you want addressed, your WiFi Wizard will suggest possible solutions and explain to you the cost for those solutions including adding access points, a mesh network, new router or similar upgrades.  You are under no obligation whatsoever to add additional features beyond the initial Home WiFi Tune up and every customer gets a copy of their heat maps showing them the issues with their system graphically.  

What If My Equipment Is Out Of Date?


Your WiFi Wizard during your home Tune UP will discuss your current WiFi equipment and make suggestions for improvements based on your intended use and needs.  

Often your WiFi Wizard will be able to provide you with a selection of items that could be installed right away that may improve your system at an additional cost.  Occasionally, changes to your WiFi may require more elaborate work such as running wiring or other services that would need to be scheduled for another day.  Your WiFi Wizard often will have extenders, repeaters, access points and similar items with him and is happy to install them if you wish. Your WiFi Wizard will have optional additional equipment at various price points so that you can select the equipment or upgrades that work best for you, your WiFi needs and your budget.  

If you need additional services such as wiring or if your WiFi Wizard does not have the item you want, we will schedule a second appointment that works for your schedule to complete the upgrades you need.   

Happy WiFi Happy Life!


Smart homes are a reality and we use our home WiFi more and more every day. New products and new features are always being added.  Whether your streaming movies, talking to the grandkids, or a serious gamer, your home WiFi is your connection to the rest of the internet world.  

We have one goal.  Providing you with a better WiFi experience no matter which internet provider you use: AT&T, Windstream, Verizon, Time Warner, Spectrum or any other provider.

Because we do not work for any specific internet provider, you can rely upon our independent advice and evaluation.  We take the time to look into and stay up to date regarding WiFi advances and can give you recommendations for equipment from a variety of suppliers so that you get the best option for your home WiFi experience.  

We know stay up to date regarding the latest equipment innovations and can recommend the best router for a gamer versus the best router for 4K movie streamers.  Whatever your WiFi needs are, WiFi Wizards are here to make sure you have a Happy Wi-Fi Happy Life!